February 17th, 2007

Butterfly Girl

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Today we took Eilidh to Amazonia, which is a sort of indoor rainforest located in the grounds of M&Ds Themepark. The park itself was closed due to it being winter, but the indoor stuff was open. There's a bowling alley and a carousel and some places to eat and for kids to play and some gaming arcadey stuff. The park looks like it would be decent in Summer, but not anything as impressive as most themeparks. More like a fancied up Butlin's with rollercoasters and no caravans or chalets.

I took a few pictures while I was there, you'll find them Collapse )

There are no photos of the darkroom which had various snakes and caimans and scorpions and bats because I didn't want the flash to disturb any of them. The bats were cool. I also missed getting a good picture of various other insets, including the leafcutter ants that actually walk along ropes above you. Tall people beware of that. There is usually a toucan, but he had injured his wing and was in solitary for a bit of peace and quiet. I didn't do the animal handling thing because although I am fine with the snakes etc...they had tarantulas... They also have a waterfall and keep the temperature near that of a rainforest. We were quite warm by the time we left.

In the amusements bit of the park Eilidh got her first taste of cola (I think - I doubt my brother and sister-in-law would allow her to drink something so additive-laden) and candy floss. It took her a while to get the idea of how to actually eat candy floss but once she got the technique down she loved it. I didn't give her too much though, it's pure sugar.
And I wanted it. Yum.

We then went to a shopping mall that we had never been to. I forget the name, in the same general area though. It looked really good, was large and not too crowded. There's a proper library, a cinema and a full size ice rink as well as shops. I picked up a few books while I was there and just as we were getting halfway...
So we got turfed out before we reached the Disney Store. Oddly enough noone would say what the emergency situation was and they only closed half of the mall. That's still a lot, but still...mysterious.

Anyway, I had fun and so did Eilidh! Yay!
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