February 9th, 2007

What the Shit? Draco

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I have lost the tiny scrap of respect I had for a workmate, who I shall call Hilda for that is her name. She came into work late today, looking quite furious. This is a woman who has never been late. This is a woman who does every hour of overtime she can legally do. This is a woman who was told by her doctor that under no means should she be working for two weeks due to the fact she has a viral throat and gland infection, but she came in anyway because she refuses to lose any money and doesn't care a bit if she infects us all. Oddly enough this is a woman who is married to a man who earns a six-figure sum so none of us can figure out why she's working so much in a job she clearly hates.

She was late because one of her several children (children she does nothing but complain about, how much they are a nuisance, how they just get in her way etc despite the fact she only has one at home I think...more on that later) tried to kill herself and was rushed into hospital at Stirling. All Hilda could think about was how much time her daughter has wasted and how SHE certainly isn't going to give up HER precious time to help her, once she was out on her own (kicked out btw) she now stands on her own two feet and can expect no help from HER because it's not her job anymore etc etc etc.

What the flying fuck?

She believes motherhood stops once the kids hit 16 and she can either kick them out onto the streets (her son had to live on the streets for four months at 16) or can get a job and pay her rent. No rent, no home. And now her daughter is lying in a hospital far from her home after getting so low she tried to "top herself" (I quote Hilda there) and Hilda was more concerned about getting to work? At the point in life she needs help more than anything she is not even getting sympathy. Who abandons ANYONE like that, nevemind your own child?

Her youngest daughter, barely 16, is currently pregnant. All Hilda does is moan about how much of a disruption the coming child is and how she's already done her work in raising her own (ha!) so the daughter will not be getting any help from her. She'll have to muddle along alone. Thankfully the father is sticking by her, for now, and his parents sound pretty nice. They went out and bought a cot and everything so they can take the baby when they need a little rest or help. Hilda was furious at that too. She is going to dictate the way the baby is raised without actually lifting a finger to help. Serves her right if both kids and grandchild move in with his parents and deny her access.

Why do people like that even HAVE children? They are clearly nothing but a burden to her. I am not exactly Miss Maternal but even I'd do a better fucking job of raising kids than she has. Her suicidal daughter IS going to kil herself because she has no support, and in fact has only earned disdain from her mother and will likely be shunned somewhat. The worst thing is Hilda will not even feel any guilt for this.

I bet she won't even take a day off for the funeral.
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