December 29th, 2006

What the Shit? Draco

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I just have to make a post about the burrito I have just eaten.
I think. Well they called it a burrito.
Now most of my friendlist have eaten and enjoyed burritos, though some of you haven't and that's ok, skip this post.

Four-In-One is where we got them from, they do lovely pizzas and their most popular item is a thing called a munch box. A munch box is huge and contains a wee bit of everything from the Turkish and Indian ranges, plus chips and onion rings and chicken strips and whatnot. Very filling and fun to share. We noticed they did a burrito meal. Cool. Mum has never had a burrito. With my reassurance that she will enjoy it we ordered the meal for two. They asked us what filling we wanted and playing it safe I went for my favourite meat: chicken. Cajun chicken to be precise because they offered us a choice and I like the cajun flavouring they do.

Two wrapped burritos, salads and sauces arrived. We ordered the deal without nachos as I don't care much for them. We unwrapped them and while mum tried the sauces I stared at it and tried to figure out what the hell was wrong. Then it hit me.

They'd deep-fried the bastards.

Now this is not that unusual for Scotland at all (scarily). This is the country that is known for deep-frying EVERYTHING. Pies, pizzas (not all of them thankfully), creme eggs, mars bars etc. Fair enough, that's not so bad. I bit into it. Rice (either saffron or pilau, clearly lifted directly from their curry rice pan), chicken (cajun, chunks, yum), chunks of onion and green pepper (ick) and some form of spicy, tomato based sauce. After a moment of thinking I realised that it was in fact.... pizza sauce.
So, deep fried, indian rice, cajun chicken, pizza sauce with chunks thrown in, burrito.

Other than that it wasn't that bad.

If any of you Americans visit I'll be happy to treat you to one.
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