December 27th, 2006

Belle Winter

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Christmas afternoon I was kidnapped away to my brother's house to spend the night and have a second Christmas with Eilidh, seeing as Jennifer was working Christmas Day anyway and Eilidh is young enough to not realise we are a day late with the gifts. It was quite delightful because she's also just old enough to realise what's going on and enjoy every minute of it thoroughly. When I manage to get the photos copied from dad's new laptop (Christmas present from mum haha) I might post a couple of the best ones.

We spent the night eating good food and playing Wii and getting played with and doing other family-related stuffs. Unfortunately this meant I didn't really get a chance to get online and missed bardiphouka very very much.

Then, much to my surprise, we stayed another night and went to Braehead shopping mall in the morning which was HELL. The sales are on. People were queuing for a good 20mins to even get inside Game to see the sale so as much as I wanted to poke around I missed out.

I did however get the delight of my parents ordering me a giant, pizza-sized cookie for my birthday (if a little late). I've always wanted one.
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