September 8th, 2006


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Two signs at work have amused me. The first is one of the many new cleaning and machine maintenance signs that have been placed here and there. They generally have such messages as Keep things ship shape! or Cleaning is everyone's duty. One however says Clean up your mess - Your mum doesn't work here!

Uh. Yes she does. Does that mean I am excused from cleaning now?

And the other was a warning machine of the labeller I have been running. For setup imagine a machine the size of a Mini, entirely square with a big rotating drum inside. There are clear, slightly tinted perspex windows and doors right round so you can see inside and get access from any angle. The only parts outside these safety guards are the label feeds. There are notices on some of the windows and writing. One of these notices reads:

Ensure door is open before entering machine else are you going to get in? The biggest opening would admit a cat maybe but no human. What worries me most is that for them to put this warning on the machine someone must have tried to get in by passing through the perspex or worse, by climbing through the tiny little gap or over the doors and going in through the top. Humans confuse me.
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