January 30th, 2006

I Have Done Something Evil

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Whee I won the bonus ball at work two weeks in a row. Mmm cash.
I spent the morning trying not to bleed on things so if any of you buy any aftershock bottles that have disturbing red marks on them it's just me, no worries. Seriously though, I threw out all the bottles I bled on so if you find any check the hands of those around you for cuts. It was fun actually. It wasn't a proper glass cut like others get though there was blood everywhere. I spent days checking every bottle for a HUGE order by hand and had developed a kind of red patch inside a crease on my thumb. Which spontaneously tore open this morning.
After checking it again at lunch while changing the bandage there was no blood and no matter how much poking and prodding I did I could not make it bleed nor find the tear. This happened with several paper cuts I endured through the day.
I am Wolverine, fear my mutant healing powers!