October 25th, 2005

Winter Butterfly

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Just after lunch we were given a sheet letting us know that jobs were now available for non-permanent workers to apply for. Or rather, job. Night shift process workers, 12 hour shifts monday to thursday. Fine, sure I'll think about or whatever.
This evertnoon just before we came home we were taken into the office so we could sign our application letter.
WTF? Give us a chance to think about it at least! To make matters worse I might be the only agency worker who hasn't signed yet. I said I'd let them know by the end of the week.

Honestly? I don't think I want the job. Sure, the pay is good and I don't mind doing nights it's just that I know once I have a permanent job I'll get settled in a stupid little rut.

My mum thinks I should apply. Same for dad. I don't know what to do.
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