August 27th, 2005

Fuckable Gaiman

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Neil Gaiman UK tour dates have just been announced on his blog.

Wednesday, 9th November

1.00pm Borders, Glasgow

6.30pm Waterstones, West End, Edinburgh

Hmm, it would mean a day off work, and finding transportations... would be nice though...
Subtext Snake/Ocelot

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First, write down the names of 12 characters. Then read and answer the questions. You can't look at the questions (or click on the cut) until you write down the 12 characters you're going to use.

1. Snape (HP)
2. Snake (MGS)
3. Ocelot (MGS3)
4. Lupin (HP)
5. House (House)
6. Otacon (MGS)
7. Luna (HP)
8. Auron (FFX)
9. Tonks (HP)
10. Death (Sandman)
11. Nightcrawler (X-Men)
12. Nanaki (FFVII)

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That was fun though a little brain-hurty.
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