March 31st, 2005


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April begins tomorrow. The (supposed - unless she takes after me and has a nice long lie-in) month of Bump's arrival, lambs and flowers, practical jokes, general warming up and of course, as mentioned elsewhere occasionlly, APAD. bardiphouka does a wonderful poem every single day for the month of April and each year encourages and inspires more and more people. And how I would enjoy to participate.

I am not a poet though.
Nor, can I follow the clever route of ramothhe and post my favourite poems instead because I know so little poetry. It's just not my thing I guess, as enjoyable as it is to wake up and find a fresh poem every day sitting in my friendslist. I like it well enough, I just don't actively seek it.

What could I do for APAD?

April Poem A Day - Who cares if it sucks, do a poem anyway!
April Picture A Day 1 - Do a new doodle every day.
April Picture A Day 2 - Illustrate someone else's poem every day.
April Prose A Day - Do a little drabble every day.
Nothing. You probably won't manage a full month anyway.
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