October 15th, 2004


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Memey thingy stolen from gothwalk

Name a book nobody on your friendslist owns
Hard, because I earned most of my taste in books from bardiphouka. Hmm, does anyone on my list have Last Human by Doug Naylor?

CD or album nobody on your friendslist owns
I will be astounded if any of you own a copy of War of the Worlds, especially if you have the original vinyl version. But everyone needs to hear that album.

Movie nobody on your friendslist owns
This one is very hard. Miyuki-chan in Wonderland?

Someplace I've been where y'all haven't
Allonby in Cumbria. Go there, ride the semi-wild horses, try the ice-cream. It's hand made.
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Madame X

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Subject: Susan Bones
Medium: Painter Classic, Wacom Tablet
Rating: G (Totally innocent)

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Flattery will get you everywhere, krystalfaire.

Some day I am going to have to illustrate this scene.

Colin: *in the same whisper voice* Wouldn't you be smiling all day if you had such a cute guy as your boyfriend?
Theodore: *whispers get lower and deeper* Dear boy I'd be comatose for most of the day if I did.
Susan: *thinks she is going to die, really and truly. Burries her head in her arms on the desk*
Colin: *wraps his arms around Nott* Be glad you don't know what you're missing
Theodore: *grins to himself* I can only hope to lay awake and imagine what I am missing in the deep, dark, solitary confines of my bed. I think we killed Susan. We're just that hot.
Susan: *nods, still burrowing here head*

It would be worth it just for the look on Hermione's face.
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