October 10th, 2004

We Love You Snape!

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your night with severus snape by ebony_rose
he willgrab you around the waist and lay you down on the nearest flat object and get down to business
you respond byquivering with embarrassment
number of orgasms13
what you said after"see you next time"
what he said after"o....kay, that was better than expected"
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Went to see Jen in hospital today. She's still there and is likely to remain there a while longer. She almost got released but on the day the Dr was coming to see her she got sick again.
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Death1 - Coffee

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Lots of Nanowrimo icons here:

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While I'm at it, if anyone wants icons on a particular theme don't hesitate to ask, I seem to have accumulated an extremely vast image collection and I might have the sort of thing you're looking for. I certainly don't mind chopping up pictures for friends.
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