August 17th, 2004

Death1 - Coffee

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Does anyone happen to have a copy of Madness - It Must Be Love on MP3? We only have it on vinyl and I wanted to use it to try and make an AMV.
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What the Shit? Draco

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A fellow has written an erotic guide to having sex with women.
Not that I believed for a second he has ever managed to get near a woman. I just think he's seen a lot of porn (and not in detail, he misses a few crucial points out, especially in eating out a lady).

She's likely just to get irritated if you say thy lady all the time too.

I don't think I've ever had a sober man ever glaze into my eyes. Nor do I recall ever having an organism that I didn't get antibiotics for*.

It really is quite amusing.

*Not related to the spreading of thy lady legs at all. Stomach bugs and an eye infection coming to mind first.

In other news I have discovered I can cork bottles by hand, whereas I used to have to use a mallet.
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