July 23rd, 2004

Miaka Flowers

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Drool my geeky friends, drool.

Also, I found a large moth inside one of the boxes I was about to pack today. It flew away. That isn't really that unusual. Spiders are more common.
What really was odd today was that just before that on line 3 one of the girls found a frog (or possibly a toad) inside a box. Where did it come from? Who knows. It can't have been shipped with the boxes as they come flat, we make them up ourselves. So it must have hopped right into the factory or the warehouse last night and fallen asleep inside the nice, cozy box.
Quite odd.
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Tom Riddle

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Willie at work has no toes.

This is not important, relevant or a new development.

It does not change the fact he has no toes.
This public service announcement brought to you for no reason other than I felt like it.
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