May 31st, 2004

Death1 - Coffee

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Back from the movie!
Go see the damn movie! Go, now! Get, go on!

Really lovely cinematography. It had classy fade-outs, sweeping angles, wide views of scenery etc. It's missing a few details, and a few small things get changed but nothing that really alters the story too noticably. After all they couldn't make it exactly like the book. Padfoot the dog really is much more Grim-y than I expected. i expected...well...a big black dog. And he was a big black dog, but he was undeniably a Grim dog. I thought I'd hate vaguely humanoid Moony werewolf but oddly it works brilliantly. There's all sorts of little things like the fox sitting on the grass and the detail in the sets and clocks! So many clocks! And there's the amount of humour. I was expecting something dark and angtsy and gothic. I laughed the whole way through! There have just been so many visual jokes and great lines added. Watch out for the Whomping Willow's scenes! Oh so very excellent. More more more!
Buckbeak is so sweet ^_^
Ron/Hermione so cute!
Sirius/Remus so canon! (yeah wishful thinking on the subtext, but the simple fact that there is subtext, the way they talk to each other, the embrace! Ah happy sigh)

bardi:so how is it compared to the other 2?
Kel:it makes them look like home movies
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