May 21st, 2004

Winter Butterfly

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We get sent home from work early. Yay.
They're doing demolition work outside in preparation for the factory expansion and one of the diggers managed to dig up the main power supply. Whoops. Inside all we know of this is there being an odd bang noise and everything going dead. Lights, conveyers, radio, machines, even the coffee machine (;_; and I wanted hot chocolate).
Of course one of the more amusing things about suddenly being plunged into silent darkness is the fact that seeing as around 85% of the staff is female it was accompanied by the simultaneous squeal of shock of 100 women.
Yes, mine included (though it was more of a surprised/confused "Oh!" than a girly squeal due to the fact I was half-asleep anyway.

Also discovered the small problem of there being no lighting and our locker room having no windows, thus being plunged into mine shaft-like gloom. Thank goodness security had torches.
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Find my soul

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Sorry about the lack of D&D over the past couple of days, my brain is cramping and I can't get the words out. Expect normal service to resume over the weekend (hopefully).
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