April 8th, 2004

What the Shit? Draco

(no subject)

Here's an email I just got:

From : vips@cj.net
Sent : 08 April 2004 12:11:21
To : moonsung@moonsung.net
Subject : Confirmed

Attachment : Price.zip (43 KB)
Open the document

Are people really stupid enough to open a zip file from someone they don't know that demands 'Open the document'?
What concerns me most is that it was sent to my website account. I wonder why?
Just for your information the zip file contains the MyDoom worm.

and again, yet another, this time from:
From : jieun2097@megapass.net
Sent : 08 April 2004 14:22:38
To : moonsung@moonsung.net
Subject : :)

both to my moonsung account on the same day. This is getting annoying.
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