March 27th, 2004

Winter Butterfly

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Tomorrow my feet leave American soil once again. I have no idea when I shall be back as always, I can only hope that it will be soon.
According to my mother my job is waiting for me a week after Easter, so at least that will not be a concern, and I can make the money faster. Though it is tiring and painful work, the money is good, and every little helps bring me back that little bit faster. Apparently my mother and I were requested specifically by the supervisor. All the other temps are being forced through agency and their wages are being lowered. We-re being classed as semi-skilled and sticking to the old wages. This is good news I feel, even if it is a simple job I feel glad to have made such a good impression on the management. If I were staying there I would definately have a future in the whiskey bottling industry, line manager perhaps, floor manager even. As much as some small part of me is tickled at that prospect, I can't imagine spending the rest of my days in a hairnet and reeking of spilt Aftershock.

I'll be back.
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