January 19th, 2004


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Pick a band, and an album.:U2 - Zooropa
Now. Answer the following questions with lyrics from that album.
Who are you?:I had a starring role, I was the bad guy who walked out
Where are you from?:No particular place names, No particular song
Are you a boy or a girl?:She is the dreamer, She's imagination
What do you look like?:Babyface, babyface
How are you feeling right now?:Some days are sulky, some days have a grin
What kind of things do you enjoy doing?:She's gonna dream up The world she wants to live in
What makes you happy?:I feel love
What makes you sad?:Where men can't walk Or freely talk
Your life philosophy, in a sentence.:Uncertainty can be a guiding light
What do you think about love?:I just call and he comes around
Who do you love?:I have a lover A lover like no other
What do you think about yourself?:She's gonna make you whisper and moan
What are you going to do after finishing this quiz?:She's gonna dream out loud

the Lyric survey. Wooh! brought to you by BZOINK!

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