December 20th, 2003

We Love You Snape!

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I was looking at my info when I realise I am remarkably short on friends. I spend most of the time I am on LJ sifting through various communities and RSS feeds, and a large proportion of people I have as friends rarely post you know who you all are sci-fiers. So I came up with a fun mini-meme thingy.

Suggest someone for me to friend. I don't really mind how different or similar their opinions/lifestyles/haircuts are to mine. Then if you feel short on good people to read, copy this into your own LJ and have everyone suggest friends for you too.

I have no idea how well this will work, but it sounds like fun.
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Anthy Curtain

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Oddly pleasant thing happened today.
I was preparing to leave the house to complete my Christmas Shopping when I looking out the window and noticed it was raining quite heavily. So in a sensible step I changed the light leather jacket I had picked up for my long black one, which I guess I haven't worn in a long time.
Reaching into the inside pocket to put my wallet and phone there I found a folded up piece of torn A4 paper. Scrawled on the paper was a list of Christmas gifts. The handwriting was not mine, it was bardiphouka's. Just looking at it reminded me of the day he handed me the list to keep it safe, the day when neosuboshi, Bardi and I waited in the cold for the sales to open. And just touching the paper reminded me of his touch.

I folded the paper carefully and placed it back inside my pocket.
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