June 3rd, 2003

Death1 - Coffee

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Raarrrrrrrr! My Slytherin banner is now on my wall. It's very nice.
And been looking at the pic-a-day poll results - apparently people want to see more naked women having sex? Well that can be easily arranged much to my delight even if I am slightly surprised at that result heh.
Pic-a-day will resume as soon as I get around to it. Ideally I need to get some webspace that will allow off-site linking if I am to continue it. MSN groups which I currently use is great, but there just isn't enough room there, it would mean deleting a month's worth and starting over every month which would mean noone could access last months pictures if they wanted to. I shall have to work on a solution.
My sunburn face has stopped swelling, but is now peeling.
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