May 6th, 2003

Snape depressed

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I have an interview for Asda (Wal Mart) on Thursday. It's one of those group interviews where you have to bond and they see how you work together etc. I am fine with that, done those many times before.

The problem is that is followed by a numeracy test.

I really want that job though, the pay is good, the shifts suit me fine, the work is just the sort I am good at.

But there is a numeracy test.

I'm hoping that it is the basic stuff, like the test I was forced to do by the government not long ago (you have 5 apples, you eat two, how many do you have left?). But alas the more complex the questions get the more I struggle until eventually I am sat staring at numbers that don't mean a thing to me and keep switching around.
I want that job.
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