April 28th, 2003

Snape depressed

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My mum went to the job centre today to see what she could do about her ex-boss's behaviour. She put in a complaint, but nothing will be added to his record. Apparently nothing can be done on the basis of one complaint, and his other employees desperately need the money from that job so won't complain for fear of losing their only income.
Apparently his behaviour is perfectly acceptable as long as it is on his own premises, and she can't take him to an industrial tribunal because she hasn't worked for him for long enough. The CAB suggested she could take him to a private one, but the money required is far too much. Basically that's the end of it. He gets away with it and mum is left unemployed and unable to claim benefits.

And now for something completely different. I have updated the info page of dreamsanderos (an erotic writing community) with the current FAQs. Check it out, it may give you some ideas who knows.

On that note this month's picture challenge still only has 2 entries. If anyone feels like turning their hand to it feel free, you can find it in the memories section.
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Death1 - Coffee

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Want to Get Sorted?

a Slytherin!

I am cursed with Slytherin-ness. Every test I take. Not that I am really complaining of course =)

12 inches, yew and stardust. Flexible, unique,
mysterious. A Gregorovitch wand no doubt, with
remarkable workmanship and beautiful... even if
it does have a tendency to get as lost in
dreams as it's owner.

Which wand will yours be?
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Ooh yay sounds lovely ^_^
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