April 10th, 2003

Snape depressed

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Is it Insult Kel's Friends Week and nobody told me?

I've had to do a lot of moderating of Hay's guestbook, removing several posts from a troll who has randomly picked her as a target, don't even know where she got the link for Hay's site from. On the other hand she does so love to hand it out to people (I suppose I should be flattered, I made the site). The cause for swearing and generally ripping into Hay, insulting, and upsetting her? Her choice of bands. Apparently, according to the troll, she is not allowed to like other bands if she likes HIM, which she does. Apparently it is some kind of sin to like Linkin Park and the other bands she has listed. Come on people, it's just music! I know I wouldn't say the things troll did just because someone happens to like Britney Spears (I'd be confused and worried for them though). And also nice sweet little ramothhe has been getting bother from people online. Why can't people be nice to each other?
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