April 8th, 2003

Death1 - Coffee

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Sky News can reveal that President Saddam Hussein IS still alive despite
heavy bombing raids in Iraq.
U.S. and U.K. forces had questioned video footage of Saddam shown on Iraqi
television but this morning, Saddam appeared on television and said: "To
prove I am still alive, Liverpool were total shite on Saturday."
Despite his comments, the British Government remained unconvined.
"That could have been recorded months ago," said a Downing Street spokeman.

[/bad football joke]
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Tasuki Yeah

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Oliver, our big fat black dog, has made it quite clear who he is supporting in the upcoming Scottish elections.
A leaflet all about the virtues and wonders of Labour([/sarcasm]) came through the door.

Oliver delighted in shredding it.

Funnily he never touched the others. He's no puppy either. The last thing he attempted shredding was a catalogue that came for my sister-in-law, and granted it did land on his head while he was sleeping.
So we'll be voting Conservative this year then.
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