February 12th, 2003

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What exactly am I supposed to do with my life?
Aside from love. I like loving. I won't stop doing that ever.
I like to make people happy. I need a direction that makes people happy.
But aside from that I have very few skills, though I do learn quickly if I enjoy the subject.
I could go to college, but what would I study?
How did anyone decide what to be?
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I was reminded of a dream I had last night by this post in dustyskinandall's journal, I won't write the whole thing out in detail because I can't remember all of them, but this is a brief summary:

bardiphouka and I were running across a bridge (which was more like a dip with enbankments either side) to try and get to the woods, away from some building. Bardi pulled me behind a convenient bush as the 3 headed rottweilers searched for us, followed by a 3 headed pitbull. The pitbull found us and chased us to the other side of the bridge where he turned into a one-headed canine-looking man. The two other dogs stood guard as a fourth, which appeared to be a doberman with a man's head, approached. This new dog was obviously the leader as the pitbullman was trying to please him in a slimy head henchman way. Apparently though I didn't show enough respect to the head dog, even though I tried to appear polite and respectful, because the pitbullman bit me on my right hand, and tried to remove my little finger by slicing through it. I could feel quite clearly his teeth cutting cleanly through the flesh and getting stuck at the bone which he kept biting trying to break.
This is when it gets weird.
I realised I was dreaming. I also remembered that once you know you're dreaming you can change what is happening to your will, or wake yourself up. I tried to make the pitbullman leave me alone, he bit harder. I woke myself up. I was still dreaming! There Iw as wide awake, aware of my room, yet i could only barely see the room through the continuing dream, and still quite aware that someone was trying to bite my finger off. I even looked at my hand, and got confused when I could see it with pitbullman still attatched. Then without warning I fell back asleep, and back fully into the dream. At which point the masterdog told pitbullman to let go, looked at me, and the dream stopped.

(Which also reminds me of a dream where I had light burn through both my hands and then ended up being able to feel the pain for the rest of that day.)

What happened? I certainly have no idea. I had no idea dreams were able to fight back against a mind that knows it is dreaming. In fact, I don't think they are supposed to be able to. Freaky.
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