February 11th, 2003


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Kawaii neko! You're not a sexy catgirl, but not a
cat either. You're something too cute for
words! You're a *gasp* chibi catgirl!

How Catlike Are You?
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I was having major problems with my PC. But then it fixed itself. I was having major problems with money I owed people. But then that fixed itself too. I was having major difficulties booking a train ticket. But that also fixed itself. I have been having major trouble sleeping lately. But now that seems to have fixed itself.

Now if only my being in the UK, the looming war, my health, bardiphouka's webcam, my internal conflicts and all the other problems I am having would fix themselves.
At least my PC's working again.
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Death1 - Coffee

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I got up far too early today to sign on for Jobseekers allowance. Now I'm all tired and stuff. Bah, I'll stay up till 3am anyway lol.

I've mentioned my friend Hayley a lot in these posts, and there's the site I made for her. It's not quite finished, but it's getting there. Just in case anyone cared what she looked like or anything.
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