February 5th, 2003

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Lengthy news post and general ranting and rambling

I've been quiet for a while, mostly due to a lack of things to say, but it is about time I updated my journal with something more solid than quiz results, fun as they are.

My friend took her pregnancy test, negative result, just in time for my other friend to think she was pregnant and take a test, negative result. What am I going to do with the pair of them? The second should have learned her lesson by now, she has already had one abortion. I mean really, who has sex without protection on the one week of the month she doesn't take the pill? It aggrivates me because I know she'd have yet another abortion, and my other friend said she would too. Not because she coouldn't look after a child, not because she doesn't have the finances for a child, not because it would hamper any of her life goals, but because a baby would be 'inconvenient' to her lifestyle of drinking and sex, and more drinking. Because if she was pregnant 'no guy would want her'. I'm rambling aren't I? It would be her decision I know, but in many ways it would sadden me greatly, and I do worry about her.

What else? Oh yes, my brother and his wife who have been living with us are almost ready to move out (praise be - I love them but I'm a private person and the constant company is driving me nuts, not to mention their love of Christian music) to a nice new house of their own. Will there be children soon? I doubt it lol. Neither of them have ever expressed a desire for children, my brother has always wrinkled his nose at the idea and Jen is a less than maternal woman. Things can and do change though. Failing that it's my job to provide grandchildren for my parents ¬_¬

My mother has her 2nd appointment at the Dr tomorrow about the mole on her back. It's been there since before I was born but recently doubled in size and is now a funny shape. It's taken us weeks to get her to go, and on the first appointment all the Dr did was make her a second one with a different Dr. She's planning revenge on me making her go though... in the form of making an appointment with the duty nurse for me... I'm supposed to go anyway... I really should... I don't want to go >.< I do not want some nurse probing me in rather intimate ways thankyou very much. Unless she was cute, but that would be a whole different kind of intimate probing, this is going to turn into TMI soon isn't it heh. Best shut up now.

Valentines day is coming up soon. Sigh, and a rather lonely holiday it can be sometimes. One of my friends told me she was engaged now (Saturn for those that know her). Hay was bouncing about how long bardiphouka and I have been together now. She gets more excited by things than me sometimes. She's like a kid in a sweetshop when it comes to OTHER people's relationships. Hers of course are the most romantically tragic in the world, or at least she makes them sound like that. She has a wonderful talent for switching love to hate in the blink of an eye when she is dumped. I am so glad I never dated her heh ^_^

I have been emotionally unstable for days. It's getting strange. Lots of bad thoughts and memories straining at the surface. No idea what brought it on. I'm doing a decent job of sinking them again, or at least trying to...

I'm rambling so i'm going to shuy up and go to bed now.
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