December 28th, 2002

Death1 - Coffee


in fotr when gandalf first goes to see that other gay wizard what does he first say to him?
stfu noob
stfu noob
he says: "sup dawg, i r g4nd4lf da gr3y!"
we should get the script to LOTR and make it l33t
CRC - and then add subtitles to the avi of it, and rename it "L0rd of teh r1ngz0rs!"
legolas: chex0r this out! *stabs orc in eye with arrow* LOL! di3 f00l! *shoots another orc with arrow* pwned!
<[H]Slacker> divx?
(when pippin/merry/whichever the fuck knocks the armor down the well) Gandalf: omg, noob!
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