December 18th, 2002

Death1 - Coffee


I am alive you know, not just a quiz taking machine after all. I just haven't much been in the mood for updating here. I've been leaving my status as away on most instant messengers too because I didn't want to talk to anyone. Time to get over it eh.

I made the trip back to the UK fine, sat next to a very large woman who decided she wanted to sit in my seat too, so I ended up quite cramped after the trip. Nevermind.
Tried a little shopping. For my da I think I'll get Murry Walker's autobiography, for my brother and his wife the new Lord Of the Rings box set and a big box of chocs, and Jen is getting a scarf set too. Mum might get Flowers in the Attic on DVD. Not sure. Has anyone seen the DVD version? I know she liked the book.

Not much else has happened to be honest. Unpacked and tried to settle back in but I find myself constantly restless.
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Death1 - Coffee

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If you like Harry Potter and really really kawaii anime art, you'll love this site!

HOWEVER some of the art on this page IS YAOI (and by that I mean homoerotic) some of which is graphic, but most of it is either suggestive or fuzzed out. Still I gave you the warning so don't come whining to me if you don't like what you end up seeing. Most of the art is the cute stuff, so it is worth the risk in my opinion.

Oh and if you end up on a page that says:
"In YAOI, how do you say when UKE can be SEME as well? Yes, it's an English word."

The answer is 'reversible'
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