November 23rd, 2002

Death1 - Coffee


You know when you only get half a story, and you don't understand it without the other half? It's been like that on LJ lately. I've noticed a few people on my friends list being very outspoken about some incident (or incidents) that may have occurred on someone else's LJ or maybe somewhere completely different. It could just be lots of incidents that aren't actually related.
But I get the feeling I'm missing something I shouldn't be missing >.<

Gah I'm confused.

On the plus side at least it isn't my fault for once. I assume.
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Death1 - Coffee

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Which Era Do You Belong In?

brought to you by Quizilla
WOW! You don't belong here, that's for sure...someone like you definately belongs in the future. Enjoy you speeder and gun!

Really? Cool.

But not being too sure on the last question I changed tat answer and got:

Which Era Do You Belong In?

brought to you by Quizilla
Wow! You're a pirate, and belong in the age of dirty old men, and beautiful, but dangerous ladies. I hope you've got your sword ready!

Ahhhrrrr! (Freakishly enough my latest rp character is a piratey kind of sailor person...the good kind)

So what i can gather is I'm a futuristic pirate! Wheee! Flying galleons!