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Had a nightmare last night, a weird one too.

It started with me standing on a beach talking to bardiphouka about nothing in particular when I happened to look over his shoulder and see in the sky a large puff of smoke that turned into a larger explosion that started scattering pieces of airplane around us. From what I could see two planes had collided, as when I looked around we were feet from two cockpits (missing the rest of the plane which was in little bits everywhere).
Then I woke up here in the flat quite disturbed by that dream and wondering what it meant. For some odd reason bardiphouka had gone to work and left neosuboshi looking after me until I woke. He was talking to some guy who left when I woke up. So I dress and go for a shower to find that bardiphouka had been doing some remodelling and the bathroom was currently ot of service. Just as I pass by a handbag on the chair, a phone inside it starts to ring. I lift it out, realise it's Hayley's phone and figure that she must have left her handbag at the flat, and I answer it. It's my grandmother saying something about my mom, but the phone dies before she can finish. It rings a couple more times but I can't figure out how to change the mode of the phone because there's so many buttons on it. Eventually the ringing stops and I go to the bookcase for a book to read, wondering why on earth Nana was ringing me anyway. By this time bardiphouka has returned home and is standing around talking about absolutely nothing with neosuboshi. As I pick out a rather large paperback a telegram arrives for me, and the girl delivering it says that as soon as I'm done reading it she has to take it back. I manage to read the first line before she tears it out of my hand and begins crumpling it up. With a little struggle I get the paper back and finish reading it. It reads something along the lines of "We're sorry to inform you that on recieveing the news of her fatal heart condition, your mother went to spain with your aunt and her friends, where she later committed suicide". This as you can imagine is a little more distressing and I just drop the paper and book and run to lock myself in the bathroom (which takes a surprisingly long time for such a small building). I'm wailing and sobbing but no matter how much i want to I just can't cry about it, all the while the door is banging and I'm being asked what's wrong.

So there we have it. A nightmare inside a nightmare. Anyone have any clue what that lot is supposed to mean? I sure dont.
I'm going for a shower. If the phone rings, I'm not answering it.

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