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Wrong conversations #1274a

Ramothhe: i had the BEST idea!
Kel Cara: did it involve nudity?
Ramothhe: not quite
Ramothhe: a lj post
Kel Cara: ahh. second best then lol

Ramothhe: 'Its good you're a quiddich player baby cus you can ride my broomstick ANYTIME'!

Ramothhe: is that a firebolt in your pocket or are you just happy to see me

Ramothhe: do you have a mirror of erised in your pants? cus i can see myself in them

Kel Cara: hey baby, wanna catch my snitch? XD

Ramothhe: 'Beater off'

Kel Cara: i bet i can get my quaffle in your goal

Kel Cara: wanna pet my patronus?

Ramothhe: 'im quite skilled with my wand'

Ramothhe: get ready to be transfigured

Kel Cara: want to know what I'm thinking? just squeeze my remembralls

Kel Cara: girls love me because i'm hung like a hippogryff

Kel Cara: nice robe, it would look great on the dormroom floor

Ramothhe: 'is it true about what they say about what a scotsman wears under his robes'

Anymore ideas anyone?

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