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Packing almost done, having trouble stuffing the gifts in with my clothes. Perhaps I should leave the half dozen packs of jaffa cakes (a pack for everyone! even ramothhe because I can't remember if she's tried them) behind...
A couple of gifts can go in my laptop case, being small and all. Phew it's tiring work. I have only added a few bits of jewelry in my personal stack, not sure if there's any DVDs or CDs anyone in particular would like to see and hence me pack.
Pondering packing my Fushigi Yuugi DVDs regardless, and leaving my tarot behind. The DVDs would get more use.
Packing one solitary book. I bought it for 99p yesterday and can read it on the flight. OotP will have to stay at home, far too heavy to bring. My canary refuses to be packed so he stays here too XD though I have trouble keeping Honey out of my case.
Ho hum on with the show.

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