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Merry Christmas all!
Notable things from this morning:

I got lots of lovely new clothes, warm and snuggly. Perfect for winter travel!
The dog ran straight to her pile of gifts and actually unwrapped them. She has the idea of this once a year treat now. The other stomped around looking for his yearly box of Malteasers.
Mum practically bounced when I gave her my gift ^_^
I got a new digicam which I did need, but this one is absolutely tiny, perfect for travelling!
I have lovely new Harry Potter collectibles, including one of the Limited Edition Gotz porclein dolls of Harry, no idea where they found it.
I got an Easter Beanie Baby, which confused me, but it is soft and snuggly so yay!
I got a silver chain to match my new charm bracelet.
I now own a satin kimono.
And lots of other stuff.

I get to do it all again tomorrow!

I love you all and hope your days were grand ^_^


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