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My brother and his wife had a great time in the desert, riding camels and such. Brought home lots of neat goodies they did. Silk carpets, Sahara sand (it's so unbelievably fine sand! It flows like a liquid it is amazing), trinkets of many kinds. They gave me a silver and onyx bracelet, a silver pendant and a neat little pill box thing. So cute. yay. But how they went and never managed to come back with dark tans I have no idea. They must have been using SPF 500. It's a desert!

Nanna is deteriorating still. The doctor gives her 1 month. The nurses gave her packets and packets of morphine which she now has at my aunt's house, who has to administer it. All that morphine in a relatively unguarded house in a small town where news travels quick... and the people there are not the highest of society either. I hope they locked the windows at night.

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