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The players
(You see Selkie Bardi.)
> A silver coyote with deep black eyes stands before you. Long silken hair spills down her back. Clad in blue silk she moves as though she was royalty, the riding crop at her side only serves to emphasise her regal manner. When she moves her hair from her back most are surprised to see a tattoo marking her as a slave, surrounded by the old scars of a whip. She has broken the bonds of servitude and shall remain free at all costs. []

(You see Bardi.)
> where does the song end and the dream begin? This coyote from the high mountains neither knows nor cares. In fact it is the borders of mystery that interests bardi...that and the occasional tricking of people who seem to have grown too mundane.

(You see Dezzi'Ta.)
> Blue contrast hair : Tight leather shorts and tank top : Leather bondage buckled around bare fur : Rebelious and naughty look in her blue eyes : Spiked whip carried in a belt : Wanna play? : Slaver : Straight : Owns Jatel, Zilane, Sigillum Diaboli :

The fight
Dezzi'Ta looks at the free slave.

Selkie Bardi looks back with a nod and a smile
Dezzi'Ta doesn't smile back, but wonders how hard it would be to reenslave her.
Selkie Bardi smiles quietly to herself as she flicks through the pages of a book
[ Dezzi'Ta whispers, "[OOC Permisson to try to enslave her?]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "by all means you may try." to Dezzi'Ta. ]
[ Dezzi'Ta whispers, "[Ty]" to you. ]
Dezzi'Ta grins then pulls out her whip.
Selkie Bardi looks at the length of leather "Very impressive. Much longer than mine I am sure." she smiles as she waves her riding crop
Dezzi'Ta"I'm sure," she says, fingering the spikes on the end of it.
You say, "But of course the tool is only as good as it's wielder."
Dezzi'Ta: yours must not be very good.
Selkie Bardi chuckles slightly "I have had few complaints about it's use so far."
Dezzi'Ta nods, then in one quick movement, twirls the whip around Selkie, making it crack, but not touching her.
Selkie Bardi flinches but only slightly, more at memories then at the whip crack. "Quite impressive indeed. You show a lot of skill."
Dezzi'Ta grins
Selkie Bardi leans back in her seat, playing with the handle of her riding crop "I am sure such a weapon would cause some fairly deep wounds."
Dezzi'Ta "It does if I want it to..." she says, cracking it, but this time hitting Selkie across the back.
Selkie Bardi tenses as her skin absorbs the blow, forming a red streak among the faded scars. "Apparently so.
Dezzi'Ta grins "So what are your thoughts on losing your freedom"
Selkie Bardi's eyes flash wildly "Oh I haven't lost it yet" she smirks, flicking the handle of her riding crop free to reveal a thin blade
Dezzi'Ta doesn't falter, and returns her smirk. "I don't recall saying you had", she says, taking a spike of double length and fastening it onto her whip.
Selkie Bardi chuckles lightly "Nor do I plan on losing it easily" she makes a swift test swipe with the small blade at the other woman's forearm
Dezzi'Ta moves her arm back, but not flinching when Selkie manages to make a small cut on her arm. "You'd like to play blood? I can do that." she says grabbing her whip with the uncut arm and lashing Selkie across the back, embedding the double length spike into her back.
Selkie Bardi grins chillingly, grasping the spike firmly and wincing briefly as she pulls it from her flesh, allowing her blood to trickle down her back. She pulls on the end of the whip to attempt to offbalance the slaver slightly, aiming the small blade at her soulder as she does.
Dezzi'Ta keeps her balance, but before the blade can hit her shoulder, she deflects it with her forarm. Then she takes out chains with spikes on them, and cautiously approaching Selkie, wraps them around her neck, in a strangalation attempt.
Selkie Bardi calmly relaxes her breathing, twisting her own blade and embedding it into the Dezzi'ta's thigh while flighting the urge to breathe in and have her neck constricted further
Dezzi'Ta gasps, releasing her hold on the chains, but pulling the knife out of her thigh and pocketing it, putting her hand to the cut.
Dezzi'Ta rips a strand of her clothing and ties it around her thigh, then jams the knife into Selkies thigh.
Selkie Bardi growls as her own blade sinks into her flesh, taking a little weight from her damaged leg. "A fair swap indeed milady" She grumbles as she removes the blade and readies it again, leaving her own blood to run freely
Dezzi'Ta quickly attaches a chain to Selkie's neck, then starts walking step at a time...and for every step it tightens.
Selkie Bardi gasps slightly and grits her teeth as her air supply is restricted.
Dezzi'Ta grins...and continues pulling...waiting for her to pass out.
Selkie Bardi grins suddenly and runs right towards the slaver, tackling her roughly
Dezzi'Ta is thrown backwards, under the weight of Selkie. She batters her with her spiked bracelets.
Selkie Bardi laughs as a few spikes open her skin, using her surprise to pull the bracelets towards herself and sink her teeth into Dezzi'ta's shoulder
Dezzi'Ta gasps, but manages to dig her teeth into Selkies neck, sinking them deeper.
Selkie Bardi tenses her bite, as she uses the blade to cut at the straps to Dezzi'tai tanktop before scratching it down her back
Dezzi'Ta ignores the pain in her back, but adjusts her position and kicks Selkie in the crotch with her boots, then stands up, blood driping from her, and puts her boot to Selkies neck.
Selkie Bardi grins up at the other woman "Nice view" before grabbing her foot and twisting it roughly outwards
Dezzi'Ta smirks, then not wishing to shed more blood, she walks around to Selkies head, then grabbing her neck, she clamps a collar onto it.
Selkie Bardi bites hard onto her wrist while her hands are near her face
Bardi notices that dezzi has not notices she has just been tripped,but not wanting to really interfer with his friend's fight,leans over and bites the collar in two
Bardi takes the pieces back to his seat to chew on them
Bardi lets the fight proceed.....fairly
Dezzi'Ta: [Err...collar is like metal...]
Bardi always believes a little metal in the diet is good
Dezzi'Ta takes out an undestroyable collar and reclamps it onto Selkie "I got you bitch"
Selkie Bardi grins and points to the shackle on Dezzi'ta's leg "Who got who?"
Bardi chuckles
Dezzi'Ta looks at the shackle..."We both have each other", she says, snapping the shackle in two. "Or do we?"
Bardi seems to me at the end of the fight yes you did have each other
Dezzi'Ta: Oh and if you attempt to break it off or run away, it will kill you.
You say, "Funny. Same with mine"
Bardi says thank you.
You say, "Oh, you snapped it off"
Selkie Bardi grins
Bardi for you never said I cannot do it
Selkie Bardi nods
Bardi chuckles
You say, "Not a fair fighter at all"
You say, "Shame. She was cute too"
Bardi realises the clasp on the rather cheap collar
Bardi releases it too
You say, "Thankyou dear"
Bardi my pleasure


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