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Papa (mum's dad) is back in hospital again and thinner than ever.
Nanna (mum's mum, the amputee) is in hospital after having a heart attack. Also they have discovered she has MRSA which means I cannot visit her, nor can the vast majority of our relatives. I am convinced btw that MRSA was the cause of her amputation. On a side note the hospital has absolutely no record of her ever having her leg removed, even though the operation was a fairly unusual one as they couldn't give her a general anasthetic. I would like to point out that this hospital is Ayr Hospital in Scotland, just so you know to avoid it. On the plus side the nurses are really nice people. Though the doctor I met was a miserable pessimistic sod.
And my aunts never thought to inform us of the fact they are both in hospital until today, despite the fact it's been nearly a week since they were admitted. But that is typical of them.

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