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Christmas pic number two is here! 100% of votes were for an erotic christmas pic, so I'll stick it behind a cut for those of you who won't want to see it/are at work. Also left the poll outside the cut so you won't view it by accident ^_^

Seeing as the votes were split between Nualla and Selkie, you get them both! Selkie btw is in her human form and not her coyote form out of convenience, and Nualla's preference of course.
Mmmm, mistletoe.

Poll #215198 Christmas Pic 3 - Gift time!

I want to see

Giving the gift of

This poll is easy enough. just tell me who you'd like to see giving a gift to who, and what it is ^_^
Requests always available - won't be stopping those for the forseeable future.

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