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Artistic talent: I have no talent at all. Doesn't stop me enjoying drawing though.

Birthplace: Kent, UK.

Career Aspirations at Age 6: I do believe when I was 6 I wanted to either be a writer or an air hostess.

Dreams, recurring: No recurring dreams, just very odd ones.

Elementary School, Name of: Elementary...I presume that's the equivalent of primary schooling here. In which case Ripon, Hemer and a little stint in Longtown.

Fabrics and Materials, favorite to wear on body: leather, satin, cotton, wool, silk.

Gym, work out at one? I work in a factory, why would I need to punish my body more?

Happy Memory: 90% of my memories are happy. But today I was just remembering Ohio. Do hope to be back soon. Walk in the parks and look down at the city below with the man I love by my side.

Introvert or Extrovert? Introvert usually.

Jewelry/Trinkets, worn regularly: None thes days, not allowed them at work. Used to always wear the same rings though, and a necklace.

Killer App: Can't think of one at the moment.

Latest book read: Mort - Terry Pratchett. Might re-re-re-re-re-read the Potter books soon.

Medications (Rx): None I am aware of.

Nicknames: Kel, Selkie, Vampire, 'You're Weird'.

Operating System of Choice (for desktop): Currently Windows XP.

Pets: Oliver the deaf dog, Honey the blind dog, Azrael the goth canary.

Queer? Yes and yes.

Role models, current: Not sure I have any at the moment.

Sleepwear: Cotton nighties when in my parents house. Prefer nudity though.

Tattoos: Small ankh by my navel. Shall add more when I have the time/money/motivation.

University degree(s): None ;_;

Virginity, age lost at: 19.

Weather, favorite: Gently warm without being too bright or breezy or hot.

X-SOs you're on speaking terms with: I only really have one, whom I dated for 2 weeks and never spoke to again. Last I heard he was being evicted. We were completely mismatched anyway. Only went on a blind date with him as a favour to a friend.

Yard/Rummage Sales, do you go? Used to be dragged along to car boot sales, but not by choice.

Zen Moments: Occasionally while listening to the machinery and glass chinking together at work.

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