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While watching TV randomly eating breakfast, I happen across Britney/Madonna's new video on one of the music channels. I'm not sure what to think.
Let's see, it starts with a car pulling up with a good close shot of the badge on the bonnet (whee lets start this video by advertising, thanks for the free car!) and Britney getting out. In drag. Oh Crap. whines the Selkie Now all the little teenie boppers are going to start wearing men's clothing. So my suit is now quietly gathering dust in my wardrobe while I shudder at the mere thought.
Blah blah dance dance blah blah Oh look there's Madonna looking gorgeous as usual (hope I look as good as she does at her age). Oh look lesbian innuendo. Oh look more. Yes Britney you chase Madonna around that creepy nightclub. Oh look now they're both writhing suggestively around that bedframe. Off goes Madonna running again (I'm unsure whether the lyrics are challenging Britney to become as successful a recoding artist as Madge or whether Madge is attempting to lure Britney into a little sexual exploration - probably the latter seeing as she keeps singing something about loosing control). Video ends with Brit catching Madge and going in for a neck nibble at which point Madonna vanishes and Britney looks disappointed (or relieved she didn't have to kiss her again, not sure which).

They're are really playing off that kiss they did at the awards a while back. Wonder when Christina and Madge will release a song. or all three.

Is anyone else thoroughly annoyed by this It's cool to like girls teehee thing that seems to be happening? Madonna fair enough, she's always had an eye on the ladies...and Christina seemed to almost enjoy the kiss thing.....but Britney? All I can say is Oh Dear

*Hides from the teenagers who will suddenly find their inner lesbian*

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