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DRAGOON 69623: ok heres my question
DRAGOON 69623: i want to create an rpg but i dont know how to do it it dosent have to be of playstation quality but the old ff kind of quality would be good enough for me but i dont know what to make it with so i was wondering if you did
Kel Cara: sigh
Kel Cara: well you could take a course in c++ or visual basic coding
Kel Cara: then there's plot, artwork, ai....
Kel Cara: it's not something you can just make
DRAGOON 69623: i would spend ages on it if i could
Kel Cara: you would have to
DRAGOON 69623: i know that
Kel Cara: the old old ff took 10 people over a year. may i recommend you try making a MUD instead?
Kel Cara: that will merely take months
DRAGOON 69623: whats a mud

It gets worse

Kel Cara: a multi user dungeon
DRAGOON 69623: like furcadia?
DRAGOON 69623: is that a mud
Kel Cara: kind of but without graphics. furcadia is based on muds
Kel Cara: the text bit is mud the graphics is not
DRAGOON 69623: so it is just text
Kel Cara: yes
DRAGOON 69623: damn
Kel Cara: i am afraid making an rpg is not one of those things you can just do
DRAGOON 69623: i know
Kel Cara: try muds
DRAGOON 69623: mybye
Kel Cara: or mux or mush or moo
DRAGOON 69623: are u making these up
Kel Cara: no
Kel Cara: do a google search
DRAGOON 69623: ok
Kel Cara: get a copy of simplemu....that'll have a list of games you can connect to. play some. learn. get the idea
DRAGOON 69623: where can i get a copy of simple mud
Kel Cara: hold on
Kel Cara:
DRAGOON 69623: hey do u like soad
Kel Cara: yes and no. i used to. but then they started sucking
DRAGOON 69623: what songs dont u like
Kel Cara: pretty much all of them lately
Kel Cara: the only onesi liked were chop suey and toxicity
DRAGOON 69623: thank god
DRAGOON 69623: if you said u hated chopsuey i would have killed you when you come back
Kel Cara: i used to like it. it got overplayed. now i try to avoid it
DRAGOON 69623: i,m listening to it right now
DRAGOON 69623: it kicks ass
Kel Cara: it's old
DRAGOON 69623: i,m thinking about making my first music vid with it
Kel Cara: one word. don't
DRAGOON 69623: why
Kel Cara: because it has been overdone
Kel Cara: do not use chop suey or any linkin park i warn you
Kel Cara: and for another hint try not to use dbz in your videos
Kel Cara: ESPECIALLY not with linkin park or soad
DRAGOON 69623: why the hell not mybye not with soad or lp but i will be using dbz
Kel Cara: i am not saying this because i dislike dbz. though i do. this is being nice. you have an account yes?
DRAGOON 69623: yes
Kel Cara: well you can use that to see that there are well over 2000 dbz amvs. if you release a dbz specific video there you will never be taken seriously as an amv artist i am afraid
Kel Cara: people will deliberatly skip over your videos...i see it happen all the time\
DRAGOON 69623: dont wry i am only going to put them on my ownsite
Kel Cara: you aren't going to use amv?
DRAGOON 69623: my dbz ones anyway
DRAGOON 69623: i will for my ff ones mybye
DRAGOON 69623: i have only have ff7 and ff8 but i think that will be enough for a while
Kel Cara: maybe you should try going out and looking at more anime rather than redoing the cliched videos
Kel Cara: have you ever seen anything other than dbz?
DRAGOON 69623: tenchi muyo, gundam wing, fist of the north star and batle of te planets thats all i can remember
Kel Cara: you need to watch some more
Kel Cara: a lot more
Kel Cara: you haven't even seen akira?
DRAGOON 69623: i dont think so what is it about
Kel Cara: You have never seen Akira yet you say you are an anime fan. What is the world coming to. For your own good go find a copy of Akira. Then start hunting for other anime
DRAGOON 69623: why whats so important about akira
DRAGOON 69623: what is it about
Kel Cara: Akira is a movie about a boy. to be honest I can't tell you too much without ruining the plot. he has powers though
DRAGOON 69623: cool i like powers are they freaky powers or crap powers
Kel Cara: define freaky?
DRAGOON 69623: turning into a female when water touches u
Kel Cara: no he doesn't turn into a woman
DRAGOON 69623: what does he do
Kel Cara: i can't tell you it would ruin the movie
DRAGOON 69623: this is going to annoy me now
Kel Cara: MVC has several copies of it. So does Virgin
Kel Cara: you won't regret buying it
DRAGOON 69623: virgin here?
Kel Cara: yes
Kel Cara: MVC is cheaper though and they have the DVD special edition
DRAGOON 69623: i dont have a dvd player
Kel Cara: I am beginning to pity you
DRAGOON 69623: plez dont
Kel Cara: 1) Get does also come on VHS
Kel Cara: 2) Convince your dad to buy a dvd player it is in your best interest
Kel Cara: 3) Buy more anime and enjoy iy
DRAGOON 69623: i,m having enough trouble convincing my parents to buy me a ps2 plus we just redecorated the house
Kel Cara: Get the's a dvd player too you know
DRAGOON 69623: i will have to buy it my self with whatever money i get at christmas and my birthday
Kel Cara: you do that

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