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There's always one isn't there

sheyidarl: hello
sheyidarl: asl plz
kel_bardi: hello older enough/no thanks/in my bedroom
sheyidarl: ok
sheyidarl: so whats the name
kel_bardi: <----- kel. see
sheyidarl: oh thats lovely
sheyidarl: what do u do for a living
kel_bardi: i don't
sheyidarl: don't what
kel_bardi: don't do anything
sheyidarl: really
kel_bardi: yes
sheyidarl: ok
sheyidarl: m or f
kel_bardi: f
sheyidarl: from where
kel_bardi: uk
sheyidarl: ok
sheyidarl: am frtom nigeria
sheyidarl: are u in school
kel_bardi: no
sheyidarl: teh what are un doin
kel_bardi: i'm not doing anything
sheyidarl: do u have any b/f
kel_bardi: yes i do
sheyidarl: oh no
sheyidarl: but i want to go out with u
kel_bardi: well i am married
sheyidarl: oh
sheyidarl: well thats great
sheyidarl: can u send me ur pics
kel_bardi: no i can't
sheyidarl: why
sheyidarl: plzzzzzzzzzz
kel_bardi: no. i don't send my pictures to strangers who say they want to go out with me a mere five minutes after meeting me for the first time ever in a chatroom
sheyidarl: ok
sheyidarl: we can know more about ourselves riht from here
sheyidarl: ok
kel_bardi: i still doubt i would send you pictures
sheyidarl: ok
sheyidarl: my mail address
kel_bardi: i don't want it ty
sheyidarl: ok
sheyidarl: whats urs
kel_bardi: i am not going to tell you
sheyidarl: plzzzzzzzzzz
kel_bardi: no
sheyidarl: ok

And that point I just didn't bother replying anymore heh

But really, some people scare me

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