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Woke up to an email saying the new Harry Potter book has been shipped to my house. Will probably arrive in the morning. Also, had a rather odd dream:

I was in bed when I heard footsteps rushing up the stairs towards my bedroom, which woke me from a rather uninteresting dream I was having. I heard the door to my room opened and felt a weight settle on my bed. Then whoever (or whatever) it was grabbed my pillows and yanked them upwards, making my head slip down towards the mattress. I was unable to open my eyes. Then the weight began to press down on me, basically paralyzing me. I could hear voices whispered in my ear, though they sounded sort of distant. I didn't much care for the situation so I began to struggle and fight the paralysis. Gradually I began to be able to move my limbs, but each time the weight would push back harder. Eventually after a lot of struggling I was able to get into a sitting position and open my eyes, basically it felt as if I had managed to claw my way awake. Then it was almost as if I was pulled back to lying down, and I couldn't fight that it was too strong. As soon as my head touched the pillow I was yanked back into the dream and once again I was pushed down and held, but the voices were different. When I think about it I am sure there was more that one voice all along, just this time it was the second voice speaking up. It kind of gets blurry after that. I am sure that afer that I was able to wake myself up and remain awake for a while.

It was quite strange, because the entire dream it felt like I was awake but dreaming, or dreaming about dreaming, or dreaming about being awake. Or maybe I was awake and wasn't dreaming at all. I have no idea. I did wake in exactly the same position I had been in the dream though.

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