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Oh for the love of... sigh

(I had to reboot so lost the first part of the conversation - basically i was uploading the photos to and she was whining)
Flipster5: nearly done?
Kel Cara: about 1/3 uploaded
Flipster5: can I go and see the ones so far?
Kel Cara: i don't know, never used this service before
Flipster5: addy?
Kel Cara: hold on, hit a problem
Flipster5: jesus... be easier e-mailing em.
Kel Cara: it won't upload one file
Flipster5: if tim can get em so can I
Kel Cara: seems one was corrupt
Flipster5: can u send the HIM ones to my e-mail account?
Kel Cara: the rest are uploading fine
Kel Cara: oh have a bit of patience lol halfway through
Flipster5: I have no patience. I'll have to register to see em
Kel Cara: i don't think you will
Flipster5: I hope not
Flipster5: my e-mail would've recv'd em u know. My comp is pretty fast on the old net
Kel Cara: yes but the file was too big to accept
Flipster5: mmmm...
Kel Cara: unless you happen to know how much storage space you have
Flipster5: thought u sent it to Tim
Flipster5: Fucking loadsa space on the PC.. there's nowt on it
Kel Cara: i did, file transfer and we're both on broadband so it only took 5 mins
Kel Cara: hay it doesn't matter how much space is on your pc, it's your email storage space on the server that's the problem
Flipster5: well I've excepted massive files before from Lynda
Kel Cara: how massive?
Flipster5: MASSIVE!
Flipster5: loasa foto's
Kel Cara: like 2mb massive?
Flipster5: *loadsa
Flipster5: there abouts... no matter
Kel Cara: well this was 10mb
Kel Cara: it won't be long
Flipster5: shudda broke it up
Kel Cara: and when they're up you can just give peole the url
Kel Cara: oh stop whining
Kel Cara: this way is easier for us both
Flipster5: I ain't whining.. I'm being practica;
Flipster5: *pratical
Flipster5: oh fuck
Flipster5: *practical
Kel Cara: no you're being impractical and inefficiant
Kel Cara: it only has 5 mins to go it sayd
Flipster5: I ain't. I ain't computer thick u know.. I do know what I'm talking bout
Kel Cara: i never said you were computer thoick. you're just incredibly impatient
Flipster5: I ain't, I was being 'computer practical'
Flipster5: I hate these shared piccy websites... there old and remind me of yahoo
Kel Cara: no you bloody weren't. breaking it down into several zip files and emailing it would have taken much longer than simply uploading to a galklery
Kel Cara: and this isn't bloody yahoo groups
Kel Cara: they're not old, they're useful to have. now we can share the photos easier
Flipster5: oh thank god, they are old, crappy
Flipster5: they still suck, gimme e-mail anyday
Kel Cara: this is relatively new service, you can even order prints of the pics you like
Flipster5: still sucks arse
Kel Cara: and email is useful but only to an extend, no good for large files like this
Flipster5: u'd be suprised
Kel Cara: now stop being whiny and pissy and wait a minute and you'll have all the pics
Flipster5: I ain't being whiney.. I ain't a child... FFS
Kel Cara: i'm doing you a favour here and all you've done is whine
Flipster5: I ain't whining.
Kel Cara: you bloody were
Flipster5: u'd know if I was whining
Kel Cara: there it's finished
Kel Cara: much quicker than email
Flipster5: cool
Flipster5: mmm
Kel Cara: only missing one pic that was corrupt, must have happened when i took it, it's not showing up at all
Flipster5: u can get the 2nd one off for a start
Kel Cara: they're all staying where they are now stop whining

She has been complaining constantly lately, I'm doing her a favour by sharing my photos with her because you can bet she won't scan me a set of the ones she took, or even mail me copies. I'm wondering if she's just being a bitch or whether it was the pills she took. (She took pills with her she's gotten off the dr to stop her period from showing up because it would have been 'inconvenient'. The amount of stuff she does to her body...sigh...different rant nevermind.) She's being super-vain too. Did I mention she bought battery powered hair straighteners to take to the festival? She didn't want her hair to get messy. Oh and a full 2 bags of make-up.

Anyway if you all want to see the photos (one of me is less than flattering, bad angle. Oh well.) you can go to

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