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Soooo I am back from my weekend down at Donnington Park where I had a shitload of fun. I'll try and tell you as much as I can remember that you might wanna hear about.

The tent went up after a long and painful and tiring journey. Well, it sort of went up. At least it remained up all weekend. Hay and I were pleasantly surprised it did. Most of the tent pegs were missing and the guide ropes were too. That night we drank all our drink and traded half a bottle of Tropical 20/20 (disgusting ut strong) for some beer and peach schanpps. Still didn't get drunk, but got to socialise a little with other campers. none of whom I remember the name of. Sort of slept, in between people wandering in and out of our tent looking for people/fun/sex. Was pleasantly warm that day. Discovered the showers weren't that bad for a festival. Toilets were nice too. Glad we paid extra for the better camping facilities.

Got up early and had another nice shower and yay spoke to bardiphouka a bit (love you). Then wandered off to see the festival (after waiting in a queue to get into the actual grounds for about 2 hours). There were two stages, one inside a tent (Scuzz stage) and one on the field that was HUGE and had two giant screens either side (main stage). The Scuzz stage was a smaller more initmate area, whereas the main stage was designed to be open and a little more relaxed (except right down by the stage - biggest mosh pit I have ever seen). Got into the Scuzz tent for a few acts and moshed (would have been more fun if I hadn't had my cell phone and camera - was worried about breaking them). We saw quite a few bands in there. If you ever get a chance to see Violent Delight or HIM I fully recommend them. Rodney the lead singer from Violent Delight decided the pit looked more fun than the stage and joined us for a while. For HIM there was no moshing because they're a gentler band to be honest, until some assholes waiting for the next band at the back decided to start pushing us all around. They didn't succeed in starting a free for all though. Also saw Soil and Taproot, both were good, and I am not familiar with the other band but their lead singer was a cute blonde lady. On the main stage I saw some of Amen (asking the crowd if they loved Jesus was a bad idea for them - lots of booing), Murderdolls (fun to watch they truly are), InMe (seem like lovely down to earth lads), Marilyn Manson (My favourite for the whole festival - he puts on one Hell of a stage show), and a little of Iron Maiden but Hay dragged me away so I missed most of it. And I was mysteriously handed a pair of VIP/backstage Tickets by a roadie! I liked the VIP area but Hay whined again and I never got to meet any bands because she wanted to go back to the tent. Sigh. That happened a lot. The sun was red hot, almost unbearable. We went through so much water. I burned my face and hands.

Day 2 involved getting up early and waiting in a queue for the showers the setting back off to the getting in queue. Stayed at the main stage for most of the day. Also queued for 3 1/2 hours to get money from the ATM. Saw Raging Speedhorn, Spineshank, One Minute Silence, The Darkeness, Mudvayne, Evanescence, Stone Sour and Less than Jake on the main stage. Didn't go in the Scuzz tent at all. Evanescence are great live. If you ever have the chance to see Less Than Jake live take it, and get into the mosh pit. They're interactive and organised. They directed everyone on how to mosh for each song (for this song i want to see a giant circle pit, you lot there *points around* run around counter-clockwise, and you over there swap with those over here). Fun music too. Very Ska. Metallica showed up by surprise in the Scuzz tent apparently. We also browsed the shops (which there were many of, lots and lots of goth clothing, everything from romantic to fetish to perky to skate). I bought a new manga-print t-shirt (my old one is getting worn out), a black lipstick (finally, lost my blue one) and a download festival t-shirt. The sky was cloudy so not as hot. Got back to the ten just in time for a thunder storm. That was quite fun really. I like storms. Never been in a tent in one before. Kind of slept again. The people in the tent behind us stole their friends guitar and cut off the strings. Then they took turns to crap inside it. How pleasant.

Last day
Woke up with very sore back from the burn. Looked at hay and she had a small heart attack. My face had swollen right up under my eyes and I could barely open them. Apparently I am unlucky when it comes to burning. Hay had developped blisters on her back despite us both using sun cream a lot. Packed up and stopped by the first aid tent on the way out. They looked at me and said I looked like a hampster. They told Hay not to carry her backpack on her back. How else was she supposed to carry it? And telling me I looked like a hampster did nothing to help my already shattered nerves. They didn't even offer us any of the aftersun they had there. Just shooed us out so they could finish their tea. Not happy. Anyway after a long journey in the heat I got back here with a less puffy but now peeling face and had a cold shower etc etc Hi how is everyone?
If I missed anything important let me know heh.

And finally, what is the difference between American moshing and British moshing? Several American bands commented about how they liked the way Brits do it, but I don't know how Americans do it so I can't compare myself heh.

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