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What Being Are You?
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hide me in your hollows
taste the soul that clings to me
shipwrecked in your shadows
sanctify the sea
hide me in the wisdom of your thighs
ride me like a wave

chart my secret places
navigate my shores
map the oceans traces
lick them from my pores
drown me in delusion and desire

ride me like a wave
cover me in spray
promise you will stay

I remember mornings waking by your side
your scent on the pillow, fever in your eyes
cast upon the waters, shipless I surrender
lead me to your harbour
cover me in splender
drown me in delusion and desire
ride me like a wave
(cover me in spray)

other seas will call you...
farther shores will shine
tempt you with their treasures
bordering to mine
still the safest harbor will be mine
ride me like a wave
ride me like a wave

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