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Just saw Final Flight of the Osiris on Channel 5.
Loved it. The animation was fluid and clean, the story may have been short but it was gripping, and there was clothes shedding.

In other news Honey (our mostly blind shi-tzu) has been acting strange all night. Oliver (our deaf king charles cavalier) hasn't been exactly right, but it's hard to tell with him anyway since he rarely moves.
She has whined more than usual and very loudly, she has several times tried to climb into the empty bathtub (she has never been in the bath at this house, we've taken to sending her to groomers instead) and when we let her out into the garden she sat down and refused to come back into the house.
She seems a little happier now that I'm back in place at the pc and she can sit near me, but still it's all quite strange.

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