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Surfing around Quizilla to kill a few moments I found a test titled 'What kind of magic do you have?'. Being slightly bored I took it. This is the result I got:

I would like to say that taking this quiz was a
total waste of valueable time which you will
never be able to get back no matter how hard
you tried.I am just a person sitting at a
computer and could never be able to predict
what kind of magic you have so why did you even
bother answering a bunch of useless
questions?All well.....atleast you found out
the inevitable truth and will be wiser the next
time you try to take one of these stupid
quizzes.Good Bye....

What Type of Magic Do You Have?
brought to you by Quizilla

What occurs to me is that this person has probably spent far more time making that quiz than I did taking it, and even bothered to set up an account with Quizilla for the purpose of this rant at how 'stupid' online quizzes are.

*Sigh* Humans.

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